The Queen’s Simple Tasty Taco Tuesday

I made tacos the other night and I got some responses how good they looked, thought I’d share the recipe. Its only right since it’s Taco Tuesday! Super easy, super quick. Enjoy!

-The QuEEn

Heart Of The Meal

o   Chicken tenderloins

o   Beef

o   Hard taco shells

o   Soft taco shells


o   Complete season (Badia or Goya just look for a green top!)

o   McCormick Montreal steak

o   Sofrito tomato based

o   Taco season

o   Chicken taco season

o   Ground pepper


o   Lettuce

o   Tomatoes

o   Salsa (your preference)

o   Shredded cheddar cheese (or your preference)

o   Sour cream



Season meat to taste separately all with the same seasoning, add chicken taco season only on chicken. Grille chicken in pan, as chicken began to cook and grease/juice forms add additional taco seasoning. As the first piece of chicken is cooked began to cut/dice (your preference for size) chicken in pan or remove and cut it. Once all chicken pieces are cut tilt the pan to ensure all pieces of chicken has been soaked in the taco flavored juices. Set aside.

Repeat with beef but adding Sofrito. About 2 tablespoons per 1/3LB of ground beef. Once completed you can drain or keep all juices with you beef or pour some out and keep some. Again this is all about preference.

Heat taco shells hard and soft in oven for about 5-7 minutes at 350 degrees.

Assemble taco. I always put the meat, cheese, salsa almost mixing it and top it with the lettuce.  You can assemble yours however you like in whatever order you like. It’s all about preference.

Now let your tastbuds rejoice!

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