Surviving & Thriving Jazz Fest Weekend’s

My favorite part of The Cosby Show was at the end of the episode when they would walk over to the record player and static would ensue before the jazz would began to play. Who didn’t idolize Claire Huxtable? She was and is everything to me; she is the epitome of class, grace, and beauty with a pinch of “I am not the one.” She and Dr. Huxtable introduced me to jazz. I lived in a house of R&B, Hip-Hop, Old School, and Gospel. Jazz puts me at ease and soothes me like a lullaby does a baby. I have a record player and I am currently working on my record collection. This weekend is one of my favorite weekends—Jazz Fest. Three days of jazz heaven outside in the park. I am not a jazz expert I just know I feel good when I hear it. It is the perfect thing to do in the summer. It essentially cost no money. You can bring your kids, you can have a girl’s night with your friends or date night with your Babe. You run into old friends. If you have never been to jazz fest check out my checklist of things to have with you handy while you enjoy the music, family, friends and the beautiful summer nights. 

Food– Think picnic. Whatever you would bring to eat to a picnic bring that. Suggestions: Salad, Grinder/Sandwiches, Fruit, Wine, Juice, Water (freeze one depending on hot it will be that day), Snacks. **Don’t forget napkins and cups! 

Bug Spray-Spray yourself and kids and keep it handy with you in case one of your friends need some or you need to re-apply. 

Blanket and Chairs– Low chair or chair in a bag and blanket is necessary to sit on. 

Games– If you are bringing young kids a deck of uno cards or something definitely will help keep them entertained or even yourself. 

Candles– If you really want to do it up, bring some candles. I have seen people with little tables and their hot dinner with candles I guess if you are going to commit to something that’s how you do it! 

Cash- There are so many good vendors. Some of them will take cards but a lot wont. This is where you can get a unique pair of sunglass for $10.00 or handmade jewelry, Art or something unique from entrepreneurs and artist which I love. Also food trucks if you opt to buy food, be prepared for long lines and overpriced food. Also there are many restaurants you can order food to go in the area. If you have your kids especially 10 and below they will more than likely want you to buy them an inflatable superhero or something that lights up. And Ben and Jerry’s truck will be there accepting cash only I make sure I bring cash just to get ice-cream. There are various types of businesses; I have seen a cigar area in the past you will find what appeases you.  

Even if you don’t make it out to Jazz Fest, make sure you get out and enjoy these summer weekends, before you blink and its over. 

Thanks for stopping by.  
Wishing you no pain unless it’s Champagne! 

-The QuEEn!! 

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