‪Hostess With The Most-est‬

In my family I am “The Gatherer,” the person that plans, gather, and needs that family time. I pride myself on being a “Hostess With The Most-est”. Thanksgiving is coming up, and if you are hosting your family or friendsgiving maybe you can utilize some of these tips to help you also be “The Hostess With The Most-est.


Make A List

Major, major key. This can and will be a post alone closer to Thanksgiving. Began to make your list for EVERYTHING. Create a list for what needs to be cleaned, what needs to be bought, what you are cooking- and a list for ingredients for each item. After you make the list create a calendar/schedule assigning the dates the task will be done. The day you go to the stores make a list of the stores and create a schedule/plan to hit every store to avoid forgetting anything or becoming exhausted.

Clean Up

Deep cleaning of your home “from top to bottom!” (in my Mama voice). You know what you need to do to satisfy yourself for guest. If that includes cleaning things you haven’t in a while or multiple items that normally take long began to do those items even weeks ahead so when you got to clean the day or week of its not as extensive. That may include mopping, cleaning an area with piled up mail again you know what will satisfy you, this will vary.


The Extra Touch Stuff

If you desire to be the hostess with the most-est like I do a part of that is satisfying your guest and making them feel special and loved. I don’t care if it’s my sister I see damn near every day I try to accommodate my guest with specific things they like. Maybe your uncle coming is the only person that doesn’t drink wine and hard liquor, I would have beer on hand for him. Maybe your bestie’s husband doesn’t like pickles set aside some potato salad with out pickles for him. Maybe you have a brother like mines that doesn’t eat meat, so I will make sure I have fish – FOR HIM.  I personally love the feeling of making my loved ones feel loved by going an extra mile or inch!

Plan and Gather Décor

If you plan on doing a beautiful table-scape, plan ahead of time. Get on pintrest or look thru magazines for inspiration and a visual. Maybe your décor is just candles all over your home or seasonal pieces you have on tables, maybe it’s just flowers in a vase. Determine what your vibe is going to be. I’ve been to Target, Walmart, Marshall’s, and Burlington Coat Factory and looked online at Amazon for table linens. I will commit to something this weekend.


Make A Playlist

There is no party, gathering, or coming together without music! Make your playlist ahead of time, so you don’t have to be an in-session DJ. If you don’t want to make a playlist or have the time have some pandora and or spotify stations prepared. If you don’t have unlimited this could be a good time to try a trial even if you have no plans to go to unlimited permanently.


*(Here’s 2 link to get you started. Liked from radio has a little of everything. Zhane’ is a pure 90s mix)



Have Games Ready

There is no family gathering without games and shh talking (well in my family LOL). Maybe that’s spades and dominos or maybe charades or flip cups, again this will vary you know your family. I am merele t suggesting you be prepared. Please don’t forget games for the babies. In my family the kid games are uno and trouble but we all play and you’d think we were slapping down a spade that’s ensuring the other team is going board. But our kids talk their ish with uno and trouble, shh talking is apart of the game playing in my family LOL It’s a fun life loving time.


House Punch

Last, certainly not least have a house punch. I don’t care if there is other liquor there, even if other people are bringing other spirits or wines. When you give someone a cocktail in your home it is like a warm welcome. Now if you plan on letting the kids participate make sure their drink or juice is a different color or different containers.


It’s such a blessing and a privilege to be “The Gatherer” and “Hostess With The Most-est” to my loved ones. This gesture is not simply getting drinks and being the place to gather but you’re pouring love into them and you’re facilitating away from them to pour love into each other like pouring juice from one cup to the next; hopefully overflowing. Love feeds the soul and what is more special then feeding souls? Hopefully these concepts will help you exemplify the love you have for your “peoples” (insider family thing)!


As Always-

Wishing you no pain unless its champagne!

The QuEEn

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