Dropping Gems: Women Defining Success

I recently went to an event last month- “Women Defining Success”.  The panelist were women in leadership positions: 2ndVPs, Department Leads, and Unit Managers. I love TED talks and podcast I jump at any chance for knowledge from others thru their experience. Being the girl’s girl that I am I want to share all the great gems I received with sprinkles of my insights from experience. These gems can be used in any industry.

The Jeweles-

Moving On-You feel like it’s time to move on to your next role, or next opportunity how do you know you are ready?

  •  Do your current role very well. Before you move on make sure you are the best in your role or  what it is you are currently doing.
  • Speak up for yourself. You are your best advocate no one will have your best interest at heart other than yourself.
  • Own your progression. Be creative: listen to podcast, read books, go to networking event, do free webinars how bad do you want it?

Not Getting The Job (Contract/ Opportunity)-What do you do when you didn’t get the job you applied for, or sponsor for your business, or an opportunity you were hoping to get?

  •  Don’t show disappointment. Keep going, how you respond to disappointment is as important as getting the opportunity. Maybe you didn’t get it this time, how you respond affects your consideration for when they do have their next opportunity.
  • Don’t let it impact your work. Your work is your pride and your brand whether in corporate America, food industry, entertainment industry, an entrepreneur no matter what keep your quality of work no matter what. It reflects you. 
  • Reflect and ask for tangible feedback. When you are lucky enough to get feedback work on said feedback. My last position I applied twice before I was offered the position. Instead being angry and blaming it on anyone I took the feedback of not knowing anything about excel and tried to learn the basics.
  • Put yourself out there, keep trying. Sometimes it feels like the universe or the powers to be is not on your side. Fight for what you want, no’s back to back can weaken your confidence and crush your spirit. No’s are a part of life, KEEP TRYING and KEEP GOING.

Unexpected -What do you do when you get into a role or position and it is not what you expected?

  •  Use your strategy muscle. One of the best ways to handle something you weren’t prepared for is to create a plan to guarantee you reach your goals, despite of the adversity. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur that ships items and initially you thought you can ship products at any time but you realize the last shipment of the day is 2:30 which is also the same time you need to pick up your child from the bus stop, strategizing can make sure customers get their products on time and you never miss a pick up for your baby. 
  • Use this as an opportunity to use your resources, and determine what resources are available to you. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses are key. You can waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to do something that is better left for outsourcing. If you want to be the best sometimes you need to call on the best. 
    Learn different things about yourself. Many times, you don’t what you are capable of until you are in the situation. Maybe you didn’t see yourself as a person that works well under pressure but once your back was up against the wall you rose to the occasion. 

Negative to Positive– How do you handle a situation where it feels like this is going to be a bad experience?

  •  Change your way of thinking. Like most things your mindset determines everything.  
  • Let your work speak for itself. No one can argue with results. One of the panelists shared an experience where she felt like her manager did not like her. Her way to handle it was to show up and show out with her work every day, every week she was at the top of the board. She could not be differed. 

How Did You Get Here?– The women leading the panel were 2VPs, Line Leads, Department Managers

  •  Take risk. You may need to leave something comfortable, something with your ideal work hours, more money to go to an unknown situation to get to the next level or closer to your goals. 
  • Converse with people around you. Maybe you have a manager or mentor, bounce your ideas and next step goals with them. Talk to people who are in positions you would like to be in. Go to industry events and network. Use their knowledge and guidance to give insight and to help you calculate the right plan. Determine if you are ready, or what steps you need to do to be ready for the next step in your journey.

Last Gems

Don’t seek validation from others. As much as you want to be successful understand if you want to be great you can! There will be people on your journey that may not be for you, use discernment and understand no one outside of you can validate you.

To change your perception, you need to be aware of your perception.

It’s imperative that you work a little harder, be a little more present, and a little more daring! And if you’re a woman of color even more so. 

As always- Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you no pain unless its champagne!!

-The Queen

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