Banana Walnut Pancakes 🍌🥞

I’ve been wanting banana walnut pancakes so I decided to make them. Very quick and easy.


• Pancake Mix

• Water ( milk, egg possibly depending pancake mix)

• Bananas

• Walnuts

• Strawberries


Chop up a handful of walnuts. Smash up banana. (I used one smaller banana that was used in about 4 medium size pancakes.) Add pancake mix with water to create pancake batter. (The measurements will be depending on how much you’re specifically making). Once you’ve finished making batter add smashed bananas mix throughout entire batter. Turn skillet on medium adding butter. When skillet is hot add pancake patter to pan. Once bubbles are formed add chopped walnuts and flip. I personally add butter to cooked side of pancake, the pancake stays soft and never hard. Flip again, add butter to other side and plate your pancake. Once complete and ready to serve slice a banana as well as strawberries and toss on pancakes. Sprinkle walnuts to finish. Voila!💋

Here’s a link to a playlist too keep you company while you cook. I tend to cook to neo soul and R&B, enjoy!

Banana Walnut Pancake Playlist🎶

Continue to stay safe in quarantine! Let me know how they were!

– The QuEEn

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