I don’t care what anyone tells you sometimes you just need a beautiful cocktail! Not a drink, not a red cup, but a chilled cocktail perfectly mixed in a beautiful glass, poured by someone other than yourself. I have been dubbed “The Queen.”  No I didn’t name myself that, but they say  ‘If the heel fits!” I am a woman’s woman. I am a mother, a friend, an auntie, a baby sister, a believer of The Lord, I am many things. This space was created for women, my fellow Queens as a place to stop over  and pick up a dose of encouragement, and motivation when needed. Ultimately my goal is to try to empower and uplift women as I try to empower and uplift myself thru the art of life! Fashion, food, cocktails, music, colorful stories, and beauty are all art! Art inspires! Art has different point of views. Art brings people together. Art can help you believe in yourself. We are our best friend or our worst enemy. At times life can be unpredictable and on those days art helps makes it a little easier.

Wishing you no pain unless its Champagne!

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