The QuEEn’s Simple Chili

It’s that time of year for comfort food. Nothing says comfort, fall nights, or New England like chili! Check out my simple quick inexpensive recipe. Ingredients: 1lb of ground turkey or beef or mixed 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes 8oz can of tomato sauce 2 cans of black beans 2 cans of corn a bag of frozen corn 2 packages of chili seasoning Total … Continue reading The QuEEn’s Simple Chili

Odd Woman Out

I’m watching reruns of one my favorite shows, Girlfriends!(I’m cheesing way too hard at the thought of them back together on Blackish this week). My favorite episode is on-when Toni gets married. In case you’ve never watched Toni was over the top with everything, obviously that would include her wedding. It took place at a Malibu mansion with a mandatory girl weekend stay at said mansion before … Continue reading Odd Woman Out

Surviving & Thriving Jazz Fest Weekend’s

My favorite part of The Cosby Show was at the end of the episode when they would walk over to the record player and static would ensue before the jazz would began to play. Who didn’t idolize Claire Huxtable? She was and is everything to me; she is the epitome of class, grace, and beauty with a pinch of “I am not the one.” She and Dr. Huxtable introduced me to … Continue reading Surviving & Thriving Jazz Fest Weekend’s

35 Life Lessons Life Life Has Taught Me: Straight No Chaser

I made it to another year! In honor of my 35th birthday I decided to share 35 lessons life has taught me. Normally I go into to details give stories but not this post. These are straight no chaser just like I have my drinks every now and again! Here they go: You do not get to take a day off from being Black. Walls … Continue reading 35 Life Lessons Life Life Has Taught Me: Straight No Chaser

Level Up 2K19: Maintaing Changes As A Result Of Changing Your Mindset

Every new year people create resolutions. I personally don’t believe in new year’s resolutions because I know it takes more than the day on the calendar to sustain a resolution. I do however believe in growing and creating changes in your life to better yourself and to help manifest your “level up” moment.  Here are four different ways of thinking to help me maintain changes … Continue reading Level Up 2K19: Maintaing Changes As A Result Of Changing Your Mindset

What The Hell is Self-Care?

Everybody is talking about self-care! I don’t know if it is a trend or the times have caused us to look at mental health more closely. Self- care is doing anything intentionally that makes you feel good: physically, mentally or emotionally as well as protecting your peace. Even corporations are focusing on wellness, employees can get incentives to work out, and eat healthy. My job … Continue reading What The Hell is Self-Care?

The QuEEn’s Famous Apple Fritters

When my son was younger (he’s almost 13L) we would do all the essential New England fall activities. A favorite being apple picking, I would use those apples and make apple fritters. My youngest niece is one so were all starting fall traditions with her! My son that has been too cool decided he wanted to go apple picking with us, until the last minute … Continue reading The QuEEn’s Famous Apple Fritters