Painting A Picture

When I was a little girl I thought the only way to end a friendship was to betray someone by stealing something or commencing in infidelity with their significant other. As an adult I know that there are many friendships that have ended or changed and it had nothing to do with either. (To be clear though that’s a sure way kill a friendship.) As … Continue reading Painting A Picture

Black Women Are Not Angry: We Are Lemonade Connoisseurs

We’ve all heard the metaphor turning lemons into lemonade before but the truth of the matter is no one is better at turning lemons into lemonade than Black Women. We are professionals at turning totally fucked up, unfair, and bleak circumstances into the most magnificent source of light. We are educated like never before, we are financially stable than ever before, we are showing up … Continue reading Black Women Are Not Angry: We Are Lemonade Connoisseurs

The QuEEn’s Pesto Chicken Pasta

A lot of the time during the week I make what I have on hand, I had chicken breast left over and pasta so I whipped up a quick chicken pesto pasta meal. The Queen’s Chicken Pesto and PastaIngredients: 2 chicken breast (chicken tenderloins work as well) Pasta penne noodles (or bow ties or linguine really any pasta you like) Tomato Pesto Complete Seasoning Ground … Continue reading The QuEEn’s Pesto Chicken Pasta

The Queen’s Simple Tasty Taco Tuesday

I made tacos the other night and I got some responses how good they looked, thought I’d share the recipe. Its only right since it’s Taco Tuesday! Super easy, super quick. Enjoy! -The QuEEn Heart Of The Meal o   Chicken tenderloins o   Beef o   Hard taco shells o   Soft taco shells Seasoning o   Complete season (Badia or Goya just look for a green top!) o   … Continue reading The Queen’s Simple Tasty Taco Tuesday

Spring Cleaning

Y’all know when the sun comes out things can start to change and un-cuffing can began. Here’s a good playlist with all the vibes that comes with season change and feeling ya self. Part 1: Fuck ya Old Bew! Part 2: You been vibing with your New Bew! Part 3: You looking in the mirror and ya feeling ya self! Happy Spring Cleaning Queendom!! * … Continue reading Spring Cleaning