Slaying On A Dime

Ever since I was a little girl I loved dressing up and slaying! I love pocketbooks, socks with ruffled lace, shirts with bows, dresses covered in flowers. I used to get in trouble daily my mother would yell “Ericka you don’t wash any damn clothes!” I would change my outfits or as we call them now looks 2 to 3 times a day. My mother was the … Continue reading Slaying On A Dime

Brown Skin Girl

Recently watching the show, P-Valley there was an episode dedicated to how the character Keyshawn (Miss Mississippi) grew up dealing with colorism. She is a very beautiful woman, after it aired a lot of the internet response was it’s unrealistic because she is so gorgeous. She countered it was true to life for her. She shared an experienced of a dark skinned Black Man telling … Continue reading Brown Skin Girl

The Queen’s Stuffed Chicken

Ingredients ➢ Chicken breast (I had a 4 pack) ➢1 package of soft cream cheese (4 ounces) ➢ Mayo  ➢ Butter  ➢ 1 cup of cheddar cheese  ➢ ½ cup of broccoli  ➢ ½ cup of spinach  ➢ ½ tomato diced ➢ Seasoning (I use complete seasoning, montreal steak seasoning)  ➢ Herbs (I buy a poultry pack from grocery store) Instructions: Season chicken breast set aside.  Cut up broccoli (frozen or fresh), cut up spinach, cut tomato. Add 2 spoons of … Continue reading The Queen’s Stuffed Chicken

Spare The Rod Spoil The Child

We have all heard the phrase “spare the rod, spoil the child”. The phrase originates from the bible verse Proverbs 13:24, meaning discipline your children to assist in making sure they are good people and know right from wrong. Many people interpret the scripture literally the rod being an actual tool used to discipline physically.While there are other people that believe it is an analogy and the rod meaning guidance through discipline that is not … Continue reading Spare The Rod Spoil The Child

Banana Walnut Pancakes 🍌🥞

I’ve been wanting banana walnut pancakes so I decided to make them. Very quick and easy. Ingredients • Pancake Mix • Water ( milk, egg possibly depending pancake mix) • Bananas • Walnuts • Strawberries Directions: Chop up a handful of walnuts. Smash up banana. (I used one smaller banana that was used in about 4 medium size pancakes.) Add pancake mix with water to … Continue reading Banana Walnut Pancakes 🍌🥞

Dropping Gems: Women Defining Success

I recently went to an event last month- “Women Defining Success”.  The panelist were women in leadership positions: 2ndVPs, Department Leads, and Unit Managers. I love TED talks and podcast I jump at any chance for knowledge from others thru their experience. Being the girl’s girl that I am I want to share all the great gems I received with sprinkles of my insights from experience. These gems can be used in any industry. The Jeweles- Moving On-You feel … Continue reading Dropping Gems: Women Defining Success

Saying No To The Birthday Blues 

I have always enjoyed my birthday like most females that turn their born day into a long weekend extravaganza.  Out of nowhere every year as my birthday nears, starting right after Christmas I get into a funk. I am overly emotional, vulnerable and easily offended. I woke up on my 30th birthday on a girl’s weekend getaway in Atlantic City crying. All I could hear was Kanye and … Continue reading Saying No To The Birthday Blues