Slaying On A Dime

Ever since I was a little girl I loved dressing up and slaying! I love pocketbooks, socks with ruffled lace, shirts with bows, dresses covered in flowers. I used to get in trouble daily my mother would yell “Ericka you don’t wash any damn clothes!” I would change my outfits or as we call them now looks 2 to 3 times a day. My mother was the opposite of girly-ness and thought so much focus on being cute was trivial. Oh, but my grandmother. We were 2 peas in a pod! I remember when she bought me my first coach purse for my 13 birthday. My mother was so annoyed, she didn’t understand the purpose of a 13-year-old with a purse over $100. From the time I was a little girl my grandmother and I would shop and eat lunch she was my favorite shopping partner and fashion icon. I still remember going to G.Fox when it was a department store. My favorite navy romper that I wanted to wear every day is still a clear memory. My grandmother and I stayed in Filenes and Lord And Taylor those were her favorites. The two most important things she taught me about being cute is, #1- its for you. Looking presentable was ultimately showing yourself love. #2 you can look cute without breaking the bank.  Here’s my favorite 4 tips to pull off looking good inexpensively.

1.Find Inexpensive Stores You Like
Right now, there is an influx of boutiques that are not expensive and endorsed by celebrities and influencers alike. The key is having an eye of what looks cheap. People can have on an entire Versace outfit and make it look like it came from J. Silver’s. Stretch material, cotton, t-shirts and jeans are always good to buy from a cheaper store.  My favorite inexpensive places to shop are:

Forever 21- Used to be my all-time favorite. They don’t have have many choices as I would like maybe because I am way past 21 now. LOL But they are good with shipping and has the best jewelry and accessories for cheap.

Pretty Little ThingHands down my favorite inexpensive place to shop right now, the quality you get for the price is awesome. I have an $8.00 dress that is a crowd pleaser every time I wear it. Down side is the shipping and returning. They are the absolute worst.

 Fashion NovaIs queen right now for getting inexpensive looks, rich people and influencers endorse heavily. Down side is you can run into someone with your outfit on and sometimes when you receive their item and it looks cheap in person.

Rainbow Is the best place for cheap t-shirts (which I wear a lot), cute cheap sunglasses, cheap cute jewelry. I have an iridescent purse that cost me $12 that gets me stopped everywhere I go and that is not an exaggeration. Down side is you have to really take care of these items because they are cheap.

 Shoedazzle- Too many of my shoes are from here and they are show stoppers. Return is easy and doesn’t cost you anything. Superb customer service.

2.Sign up for emails
This is key for the stores that are not “cheap” or are more expensive. These websites including the cheaper ones will send you emails daily on sales they are not promoting on the website. One of my favorites is Naked Wardrobe. They sell a lot of basics but good quality. All the dresses I have gotten that were priced at $50-75 I have paid an average of $25.
3.Holiday Sales
Holidays means everyone has sales so that’s a good time to purchase, so save your money. The next holiday is Fourth Of July, you can bet every place from Nordstrom’s to Fashion Nova will have a sale.
4.Cheap Jewelry & Accessories
Everything is in the details. When my nails are looking nice and not raggedy lining my fingers with rings and layering necklaces and chockers always makes me look more pulled together. A lot of the times I wear simple things like a white t-shirt and jeans with all my jewelry and cute heels and I look effortlessly chic.
Remember looking good is for you and not for them. Whoever them is!
Thanks for stopping by!
Wishing you no pain unless its champagne!
~The QuEEn


8 thoughts on “Slaying On A Dime

  1. Love this!!!! I always forget about the holidays until they are right around the corner & my pay check isn’t 😩😂. Making note to put aside something so I can treat myself 😆🥰


  2. This is right on time for the SumMa!! Thanks 🥰👠👗👚I’m still shopping for accessories for comedy show gonna hit up 21 & Rainbow for sure!


  3. You better come through with it beauty!!! I love sales and looking’s the wearer who makes the look, not the clothes! ❤️

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